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An introduction.

Hello everyone. I'm 22 and live in Dallas, Tejas. Yeah, Tejas, not Texas. I'm taking Tejas back for my people! Me, myself, and I!

Seriously though, I'm a friend of Beth. I'm into all kinds of music, movies, games, anime, and all the other typical crap a guy my age usually digs. If you really want to know more, just check out my LJ. I'm online all the time, and always up for talking about anything, and I'm a pretty good listener. That's all I have for now. Until next time...hatsa lasagna, don't get any on ya!

Oh wait! I guess this is one more thing....a shameless plug! Come check out my community.
My friend CC and I do reviews of movies, games, music and other stuff, so come check it out if you're into that stuff. We need more members! It may not look like much, but it's a work in progress.

Ok, I think that's enough of pimpin' my stuff. Sorry Chibi. I don't mean to steal your thunder.
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