April 23rd, 2004

Hi everyone, my name is Kit!

I love to help anyone out who needs it. I am very open minded and I don't mind talking about anything. I understand what it is like to feel as if the whole world hates you, I know what it is like to have people pick on you, leave you out, hurt you, use you, abuse you, etc. I know what it is like to have nobody to talk to. If you need someone, then I am the person to come to. I love to help people which is why I posted here. If you would like me to help you out, just put me down as your friend, and I will put you on as my friend too. If you feel like you would rather get to know me first...then just let me know that, and maybe we can talk first so you feel more comfortable. Need anything , I am there for you no matter what age or race or gender I will do what I have to just to help you out. :)
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Hi, just a quick intro.

I'm 27. I was raised in Malone, NY and after bouncing around the midwest for a few years after college I've found myself living with a fiancee in suburban Chicago.

I have friends, but I don't really feel comfortable opening up to them on the level I used to open up to some of my old friends from some of the other places I've lived (Albion, MI for college, Sandusky, OH and Elyria, OH after college).

Well anyway, that's the long and short of it, the fat and skinny of it... etc. etc.

Oh and I really want to be a writer, but at times I feel as though I've lost or at least misplaced my muse.
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