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My first rant

I had to suddenly move away from Chibi and Jeff two days ago, and I still feel bad for it. It's not so much the moving away from them as that I did it suddenly. And it means I failed, all my hard work and planning failed in a very sudden plummit. And it effects other people. I guess it's okay when my failures only hurt me, but when they negativly effect others, especially people I care about as much as Jeff, and Chibi, it eats at me more. I've stopped crying, but I still feel empty. I can only hope it was the right decision...
Another thing on my mind lately: this "friend" of my brother's has been staying at my house since before I got back from college. He's a free-loading peice of white-trash, and he just keeps sucking money and food out of my mom, who breaks her back everyday to keep her family alive and happy. He finally got some money recently, and paid her back a little, but he still won't leave us. He has no good reason for being here, and no good reason not to leave. He's an idiot, a pervert, and a threat to the thin string of stability my family barely has in the first place.
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